• Nucleic Acid Preservation (at ambient temperature; cold-free)
  • Pathogen Inactivation (bacteria, fungus, parasites & viruses)
  • Streamlined Purification (no reagent removal, universally compatible, automatable)

The DNA/RNA Shield™ Saliva Collection Kit ensures sample stability during storage/transport at ambient temperatures without a need for refrigeration or specialized equipment. DNA/RNA Shield™ reagent effectively inactivates pathogens (e.g., virus, bacteria) in collected samples. Each collection tube is pre-filled with 2 mL of DNA/RNA Shield™ that preserves nucleic acids in samples at ambient temperature (DNA >1 year; RNA at least 1 month). Samples in DNA/RNA Shield™ can be frozen (-20/-80°C) for prolonged periods.

  • Sample Storage: null
  • Applicable For: Next-Generation sequencing, qPCR, microarray
  • Device Specs: 1 x Saliva collection tube; 1 x DNA/RNA Shield (2 mL)
  • Sample Collection: 2 ml saliva collection
  • Reagent Storage: Ambient temperature = >2 years
  • Sample Stability: RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >1 month
    DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >2 years
    DNA & RNA: Frozen (<-20°C): Indefinitely
Product Capacity Protocol SDS
R1210 DNA/RNA Shield ™ Saliva Collection Kit For collection of 2mL saliva Protocol SDS (MSDS)

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